Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starting Off The Year With A Bite!

2013 is already promising to be an extraordinary year of possibilities!

For now, there are many exciting things happening fast for the world of Shayne's "Of Light and Darkness" novel series!

January has been a month of new beginnings, with "The Vampire's Daughter" hitting brick and mortar bookshelves for the first time since it has been published by indie publisher, Decadent Publishing. Readers now find copies of their new, favorite, Vampire novel series on the shelves of the Sandman Book Company store in Punta Gorda, FL. Readers should be excited about MORE announcements regarding other book stores selling copies of "The Vampire's Daughter" in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Shayne Leighton is also lining up appearances and book signings in April (after she and hubby, Frantisek, get back from a two-month retreat in the Czech Republic). On April 27th, Shayne will be making her 2nd appearance at the annual April Is For Author's event in West Palm Beach! Last year's event was a major success which hosted appearances by Alex Flinn (author of "Beastly"), the author of Jumanji (the novel), and many others.

On Friday, May 3rd, Shayne will be speaking at the St. Mark's School in Boynton Beach and will be there with copies of "The Vampire's Daughter" in hand.

In addition to these exciting events, the second installment in the "Of Light and Darkness" series is set to be released by Shayne Leighton and Decadent Publishing VERY shortly! The book's blurb can now be found on its listing on GoodReads. "The Vampire's Reflection"'s release date will be announced shortly.

For more updates, keep your eyes on this blog and on Shayne's other social media sites.

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