Thursday, July 31, 2014 Artist Releases Smash Hit Single INVINCIBLE



INVINCIBLE is now available for pre-order from Shayne Leighton and Spectra Music Group

It's finally here! Seems like we've been waiting ages for new music from the paranormal powerhouse, Shayne Leighton. We fell in love with the rockstar redhead after seeing her smash feature film, The Incubus, and reading her stellar vampire tale, Of Light and Darkness.

But on August 12th, a new storm begins to brew, as Shayne launches her music career with her debut single with Spectra Music Group, #INVINCIBLE, a reboot of Pat Benatar's hit single. And we have a lot more in the works...

The launch of this first single will also coincide with Shayne's other music project, #REMEMBER, which is an effort to unite against bullying as she teams up with artists seen on THE VOICE as well as superstar actor from THE BLIND SIDE, Quinton Aaron.

It's time to be #INVINCIBLE and #REMEMBER to stand up against bullying!

#INVINCIBLE will be released from Spectra Music Group on August 12th, but is available for pre-order NOW here and everywhere digital music is sold.

#REMEMBER will be released October 7th.
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Team Shayne

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